Digital Citizenship


As part of our districts commitment to digital citizenship, safety, ensuring compliance, and acceptable use of technology, professional educators and students must complete digital citizenship training. Watch the video playlist below, via Common Sense Media to learn more. Below the video, find important tasks to be completed by educators, students and admin.

Professional Educators (Teachers, Librarians, & Admin)

Deadline: TBA
  • To do: Register and complete the online course. 
  • Coming soon - Directions for the eCourse for Professional Staff 


Deadline: TBA

To do: Students should receive at least three lessons via Nearpod. Campus team or Principal decides how to deliver lessons. Ex) homerooms, large groups in library, etc.

  • K-12 students must receive lessons via Nearpod
  • Coming soon - Directions on how to administer the three NearPod Lessons 

Administrative Compliance 

To do: 
  • Coming soon - How to report to verify that all teachers have completed the online course and how to verify that all students have received three lessons about Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety.