Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ed Tech Choice Board e-Poster

Looking to expand student choice and voice with student created projects? If so, we have a great tool for you. Our Ed Tech Choice Board is a printable poster that can be accessed electronically with each icon clickable and leading to a tutorial explaining how to use the app. Download the Choice Board

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ready Tech Go SAISD Technology Conference Coming in June!

The Ed Tech & Design team from the Office of 21st Century Learning at SAISD will be hosting a technology conference for all SAISD teachers at CAST Tech High School June 25-27, 2018.  The conference is set to provide teachers with a "game-like" experience, in the likes of a digital playground.  They will have hands-on tinkering and making, participating in collaborative challenge-based activities such as the APPmazing Race, breaking out of escape rooms, coding, creative digital storytelling and engaging in augmented and virtual reality learning.  The unique and flexible learning spaces at CAST Tech are the perfect way to showcase personalized learning for the 21st century.

Come join us for an awesome adventure in learning!  Vendor partners, Nearpod, Smarttech, Flocabulary and Apple will also be presenting sessions throughout the conference.  Please visit www.saisd.net/readytechgo for more information and our session catalog.


Friday, April 20, 2018

Need to Research? Get going with Gale

One of the digital resources at our fingertips via the Single Sign On is, Gale. In the video below, Our Library and Media Services Coordinator, Jennifer Shafer, talks about how to find the right research from within Gale. Take a look below and if interested in some training for your teachers / campuses, reach out to to your campus librarian.

Monday, April 16, 2018

SMART SLSO Twitter Challenge Week 4

Dear #SMART Champion:

This week challenge is neat because the Matching game is ONLY available through SLSO.  Remember these lab games are great as a center at your board or in small groups on shared devices.  You do not need to be a one to one campus to be able to effectively integrate this tool!  Collaboration, and communication are essential skills that are built while working in groups.  Share how you are setting up varied grouping ideas to utilize SLSO!  Remember if you have a variety of devices SLSO works on anything that can get to a browser. (Even those “old” computers that are in the back of the room)

Challenge 4 = Enhancing Memory Skills Using Matching Game

Using SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO), create a Matching Game activity in which students rely on their memory to find cards that match or go together. Click on the below image to learn more about SLSO and this week’s challenge.
Hyperlink to Notebook- https://goo.gl/yF4UK9

Welcome to the SMART SLSO Twitter Challenge - your weekly chance to win fun SMART prize packs, while learning exciting new features of SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO)!

To participate in SMART’s SLSO Twitter Challenge, and become eligible to win fun SMART prizes, select the infographic below to be linked to details of the challenge of the week!

Post your experience with SLSO (i.e.: photos and/or descriptions) on Twitter with the following four hashtags: #SMARTChampion #SLSO #InsertSchoolName#InsertSchoolDistrictName. You will then be eligible to win 1 of 9 weekly North American SMART Prize Packs, including: SMART lab Monster stickers, a SMART Monster Notebook, a SMART Pen, and a stuffed SMART lab Monster plushie. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win! Plus, top districts in North America using SLSO will be entered to win 1 of 3 SMART 7000 Series Boards, 1 of 3 SMART Document Cameras, or 1 of 3 SMART kapp Boards. So be sure to get your colleagues to start using SLSO for a chance to win!

Your partners in education,

Your SMART Professional Development Team