Thursday, November 16, 2017

Upcoming Nearpod Pop Up's

I'm excited to let you know Nearpod has assigned a Trainer & Teacher Liaison to work closely with our district in supporting us and ensuring a successful implementation of Nearpod this year. Her name is Katie Hill, and she will be visiting San Antonio on November 28 & 29th. Please see attached flyer for two trainings Katie will facilitate bringing her knowledge and expertise on best practices and advanced level google integration to anyone who's ready to take their Nearpod skills to the next level!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hour of Code: Getting Started

Hour of Code
December 4th-9th is the worldwide week of Hour of Code, a week dedicated to spreading the powerful message that anyone can learn to code. Are you and your students ready for the Hour of Code Challenge? Watch the video to learn more about getting started at your campus and then download the Getting Started Nearpod and add it to your library.

Add to Your Library - Intro to Hour of Code Nearpod

Coding with iPads

Teaching Coding with iPads
Although the idea of teaching young students to code may sound daunting, there are a few apps that can really help you and your class dive into the world of coding. Here are a few resources to get you started with coding on iPads.

Swift Playground
Swift Playground is an app developed by Apple to help students learn "Swift," a programming language used to develop apps. Apple also created a comprehensive, Everyone Can Code curriculum to help you teach coding to students from Kindergarten to college. With teach guides and lessons, you can introduce the basics on iPads and students can eventually graduate to building apps on Macs. Get started by downloading the Teacher Guide below.

Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1 & 2 Teacher Guide

Scratch Jr
Scratch Jr is a fun lite version of the popular Scratch website created by MIT. The app is free without limitations and already available within the app catalog. To learn more about some projects that can be completed using Scratch, please visit the website below.
This website is really a great resource for anyone wanting to start teaching coding in the classroom. There are courses for students Grades K-12, projects for students to try and also mini coding games for students as part of their Hour of Code initiative. Visit their website today to learn more.

Ready to jump in now? Try the Hour of Code website.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

90 Second Newbery

The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival is an annual video contest in which young filmmakers create short movies that tell the entire stories of Newbery winning Books in about 90 seconds. The deadline to submit is January 12th, 2018. In order to boost the amount of submissions from SAISD, we built a resource site with lessons plans, examples, rules, and more. Please visit SAISD 90 Second Newbery Site to learn more.

Using Apple Clips for Book Talks

Apple Clips is an easy to use video editor that will have you and your students producing videos in minutes. Now the question that needs to be answered is, how can you adapt this technology to use with literacy & ESL strategies or with whatever content you teach. In the examples below, we provide a teacher's example for a "Book Talk" and a student example from Arnold Elementary in which the students remixed a fairy tale. Reach out to our office for training today.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Apple Clips Presentation

View Presentation - Apple Clips tutorial & project ideas.

Once you have created your Apple Clips projects and uploaded to Youtube, please post the links using this Padlet. You may upload video to this Padlet without uploading to Youtube first.

Upload / Post to Our Padlet.

Book Project Expectations
Must include the following:
1. Title of movie or book
2. Author or Director
3. Characters and Setting
4. Description of Conflict
5. Solution / Conclusion
6. Your rating, review, opinion etc.

Feel free to include photos from web, titles, narration, music, video of you, etc. Try to avoid lengthy clips.